AAITPC offers a range of services/information for the business communities and institutions as well as business associations :


Investment Project Profiles
AAITPC provides the Asian business community with project profiles for joint ventures in industrial projects, as well as opportunities for privatization in target African economies.

Sector Analysis
AAITPC offers sector analysis reports prepared by UNIDO and other agencies. They focus on textiles, steel, fisheries and leather providing insights on market size, market players, manufacturing costs, distribution, government industrial policy and the like.

Investment Environment
AAITPC provides the Asian business community with information on investment environments including investment incentives, policy on foreign investment, foreign exchange controls, tax systems, registration procedures, labor laws, visa requirements and other areas.

Business Missions
AAITPC organizes business missions to the target African nations to give the Asian business community first-hand insight and information on these investment destinations. At the same time, they offer the African business community, opportunities to meet Asian counterparts. A valuable feature of such missions is one-to-one business meetings to initiate contacts and pursue partnerships such as joint-ventures, licensing and dealerships. These are arranged on the basis of specific interests identified in advance through investment project profiles.

Information on Asian Potential Investors
AAITPC provides African business communities with contacts for potential investors from Asia interested in investing in Africa, thus paving the way for the African business community to forward project proposals directly to Asian counterparts. Another value added advantage is corporate visibility that goes beyond Africa to the rest of the world via Florafox web site.

Investment Seminars
AAITPC organizes seminars in Asia for business communities in the region, presenting information on investment environments as well as promoting African countries, specific investment project and sectors. These are presented in an interactive atmosphere providing up-to-date, in-depth information.


Strategic Collaboration
AAITPC welcomes collaborative effort with institutions and business associations from Asia and Africa (initially, the targeted African economies), to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and synergy. For example, a business mission to Africa can be co-organized with African Investment Promoting Agencies, business associations in Asia, and AAITPC to optimize services to the business community who wish to do business in Africa. The mode of collaboration can be strategically tailored to partnering institutions or business associations to suit these objectives.

Hosting Delegates
AAITPC hosts visiting officials of targeted African Investment Promotion Agencies, to assist them in the promotion of their countries, industrial sector, investment project profiles, privatization projects in Asia. These visits offers an excellent opportunity for African officials to know, examine and analyze the Asian market closely while creating and cementing personal contacts.