1. ADAS Airline
A Proposal for a Second Tier Airline within the Republic of Zimbabwe for African Domestic Air Services (Pvt) Ltd and Florafox inc.

Executive Summary

1. General

African Domestic Air Service (Pvt) Ltd. has been in the development stage for two years. This period has been mainly research and negotiations. ADAS has placed a considerable amount of emphasis on the economics, market research and costing of a 2nd Tier air service.

The operating parameters have been identified and the market study shows the project definitely viable. Parameters of operating procedures have been defined by the extended investigations undertaken and will have to be adhered to.

The Airline has been registered as African Domestic Air Service (Pvt) Ltd. And will begin operations subject to aircraft available, certification and regulatory approval including route authority, most of which have been approved.

2. Opportunity

Zimbabwe has not as yet achieved a nation wide regular service. This means opportunities are being ignored and time based resources are being lost forever. Many attempts have been made by looking at an aircraft first then trying to fit it into the market, that have failed. This has created a challenge that ADAS is eager to take up, by identifying the market then finding the best solution to full fill those needs.

3. Proposal

ADAS proposes the creation of a second tier airline who's primary objective is to run a regular service to cater for areas not being serviced.

International links will be developed into Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi and other neighbors where service to and from is inadequate. ADAS with its small but market accepted craft, will be able to regularly serve areas previously inaccessible or uneconomical to Zimbabwean and other respective local airlines due to the nature of their large craft. This will allow deeper penetration into these areas by the market place and create a catalyst for growth and development thus generating further business.

ADAS will supplement the present airlines by servicing routes that are uneconomical for the present airline system. These route will be built up to create further demand on first tier and international route.

On existing low utility ADAS will provide a more intense reliable service than is presently available. Regular efficient running will increase the confidence by the public in the national airline system. This should have a know on effect by increasing the travel into the country.

At $US 0.36 ADAS per passenger mile will not be directly competing with existing scheduled air services in Zimbabwe but will to compliment them by:

  1. Providing regular service to areas that the larger carriers cannot provide services to opening new destinations and demand on the major routes that competing carriers will service. This is the major target of ADAS as it keeps the airline off the demand curve that governs the large carriers.
  2. Removing extra unnecessary days from itineraries saves considerable amounts of money for foreigners making the country more appealing. ADAS will provide the Foreigner with more for his money and Zimbabwe becomes more internationally competitive.

Thus the other carriers will be able, through increased demand, to increase their schedules to cater for increased tourism and to increase the utility of their craft. This will basically apply to all forms of travel. For further information, please contact AAITPC.