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Investment Opportunities in Mozambique new

Source: All information here has been provided by Centro de Promoção de Investimentos (CPI), or Centre for Investment Promotion of Mozambique, for dissemination by UNIDO/AAITPC except "Opportunity for Textile & Garment Industry in Mozambique". For more details or questions of the information provided by CPI, please contact CPI directly.

1. Sector Information

a. Opportunity for Textile & Garment Industry in Mozambique - A Technical View of Korean Expert (

b. Horticulturenew

c. Miningnew


2. Identification of Business Opportunities in Agro-Industry and Preliminary Feasibility Studies

a. Butter Bean Packaging Export
b. Cashew Apple Brandy
c. Cashew Nut Processing Plant
d. Cashew Nut Satellite Processing Plant
e. Castor Seed Oil Extraction
f. Coconut Husk Products
g. Dried Fruit
h. Export of Tangerine From Inhambane
i. Medium Scale Maize Mill
j. Medium Scale Rice Processing
k. Production and Activation of Charcoal
l. Sunflower Seed Processing

(This information was originally released in October 2002 in Portuguese and released by Centro de Promoção de Investimentos / Center Promotion of Investments of Mozambiques(CPI) - for AAITPC project after translation into English were completed in the 4th quarter of 2003)