Third AAITPC Asian Business Mission to Africa

Ghana and Senegal, 21- 28 May 2003

Asian Delegates at the Presidential Palace in Accra, Ghana

Asian Delegates at the Novotel in Dakar, Senegal

UNIDO - Asia Africa Investment and Technology Promotion Centre (UNIDO-AAITPC), has recently organized its third business mission to Ghana and Senegal from 21 to 28 May 2003. The mission, third of its kind was a joint effort between AAITPC's counterparts in Asia. The counterparts selected were ACCCIM (Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Malaysia), CII (the Confederation of Indian Industries), KITA (Korea International Trade Association). Participants from China were unable to attend due to the SARS outbreak and travel advisory warnings.
Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) and Senegal's Agency for the Promotion of Investment (APIX) worked closely with UNIDO-AAITPC for the success of this mission. Before this mission took place in May, seminars on Investment Opportunities were held in Asia with the assistance from GIPC, APIX and the Asian counterparts. Through these seminars, the opportunities available in both Ghana and Senegal were highlighted and the business people were also invited to join the forthcoming mission in May 2003.

Twenty businessmen comprise from India, Korea and Malaysia participated the mission this year with a view to expand their business ventures. The businessmen who attended the mission came from various industries, namely from the trading, manufacturing and engineering industries. Among the activities held were presentations and briefings by local business associations on banking practices, investment opportunities and privatization projects in Ghana and Senegal respectively. One-to-one business meetings also took place in both countries among Asian and African businessmen with an aim to further strengthen business dealings.

This third AAITPC's business mission is a follow up to its successful second business mission held in Tanzania and Senegal, last year.

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